Hello _____, this is ______ calling from Senior Benefit Solutions, how are you? 

I was following up in reference to your inquiry on Facebook about the NEW State-Regulated Burial Program, were you wanting information for yourself or a loved one?

Ok, the focus of this call is to see if you are eligible for this program and to see which ones you qualify for.

 So, if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to jump in, ok?

First and foremost, how did you hear about this program, was it a friend, loved one, or neighbor?

(Make Them Say Facebook)

The reason why I ask is because we have assisted hundreds of seniors, and again, probably your friends, family and neighbors in signing up for this program and they all said that the main reason they did was they DO NOT want their children, spouse or loved ones to shell out thousands of dollars for their final expenses.

Do you know how much a burial costs in the state of _______?

Close, its about 8-12k for a burial, 3-5k for a cremation with a service, THAT’S IF YOU DIE TODAY! 

But you are not going to die today, well at least let’s hope not! (Chuckle) Now, 10-15 20 years down the road, it can easily double, does that make sense? 

(If you relate, tell them your experience)

“I talk about my dad passing away in march and how it cost $10,000 not counting plot and headstone and that I convinced him to purchase a policy 3 years ago that also had a 2year waiting period due to his health issues.  (COPD)  And I was so thankful he had that policy in place because it made things so much easier on me” 

Now I am sure you can agree, that a 5-15k funeral bill would be devastating for any family member on a 1-2 day notice, correct?

Have you ever had a family member, loved one, or someone very dear to you pass away and not have this taken care of?

(Let them tell you about their experiences) 

Follow up with, We have done surveys with hundreds of family members, and the numbers do not lie!

• 46% are the deceased children

• They put themselves in debt which takes decades to pay off, or the humiliation of having to ask to borrow $

• The emotional guilt of not having enough money to take care of the deceased dying wishes 

Now if you died tomorrow, who will pay for yours?

Based on everything you just told me, it sounds like this program is perfect for you.

Final Expense Telesales Script 

So, let’s get down to how you can prevent this from ever happening to your loved ones!

To see if you are eligible, I am going to ask you four very simple questions, just yes and no answer, Are you ready?

1. Do you have a valid DL or State Issued ID?

2. Do you have a Valid Checking Account or Direct Express Benefits MC or Visa?

3. Do you make less than $75k annually?

4. Are you between the ages of 50-89? If disabled are you above age 40?

Congrats, you are eligible!!!

Now that we know you are eligible for this program lets see what part of the program you qualify for.

Are you looking to cover a burial or a cremation?

(if burial the 10/15/20k, if cremation


The programs you are eligible for come in 3 tiers,

1. First tier is called a level benefit, it is for clients in overall good health, maybe with some mild health issues like Diabetes, high blood pressure, just to name a few,

2. Second tier is called a Graded/Modified benefit, these are for consumers that have a moderate health issues like stroke history, heart attack or heart surgery in the last 24 months,

3. Third tier is for consumers with severe health issues, like cancer or dementia.

The best thing about this program is, NO ONE CAN BE DENIED, regardless of health!!!

So, let’s see which program you qualify for,

These next few questions will determine which tier you qualify for:

1. Confirm their date of birth?

2. What is your height and weight?

3. Do you smoke or use any tobacco products?

4. Do you take any medications?

5. Have you been treated for heart troubles, cancer, diabetes, stroke, depression or have any lung, kidney or liver issues?

6. Have you ever been confined to a hospital, long term care of nursing facility?

7. Who will be the beneficiary?

8. Do you have any other policies in place? Specific!

9. Will anyone else besides you be paying for the policy?

Congrats, you qualify for Tier ______, Now that we know you qualify let’s go over what type of program you need to protect your family. 

Final Expense Telesales Script

You had said before that you wanted a ________ when you pass away, so it’s going to take the system 20 seconds to generate the best options for you,

In the meantime, as we are waiting it is important to know these state regulated programs have guarantees attached to them:

This means…….

1. Your death benefit is guaranteed to never go down

2. Your premium is guaranteed to never go up

3. And the death benefit to your beneficiary guaranteed to be tax free

Also, 9 out of 10 of my clients are either retired or disabled. That means EVERYONE is on a fixed income and the last thing I’d recommend is spending more than you can afford.

So, I am going to give you a few options,

Burial Program 

$10,000 coverage will be $_______/mo, $15,000 coverage will be $_______/mo, $20,000 coverage will be $_______/mo

Cremation program 

$5,000 coverage will be $_______/mo, $15,000 coverage will be $_______/mo, $20,000 coverage will be $______/mo

Which of these options works best for you and your budget?